Mango Macadamia Tart

If Mango_Macadamia_Tart-19you’re ever lucky enough to be on the far north coast of New South Wales, Australia, make sure you stop in a little town called Lennox Head. It’s a beach-side hamlet, about half an hour from the tourist mecca that is Byron Bay. I’ve spent some amazing holidays in Lennox, sunning, eating, whale watching, eating, swimming and did I mention eating?

Every trip to Lennox inolves a pilgrimage to an ice cream store just off the main road. There’s only one flavour there that I’m concerned with, the mango macadamia ice cream. I can’t tell if it’s the beach air, the waffle cone or macadamia castle a couple of kilometres away, the mix is just perfect. Especially as it’s always been a tradition to pick up our ice creams and walk a few hundred metres to the Lennox shore. Mango macadamia has long been one of my favourite flavour combinations. I daren’t mess with perfection and have therefore never attempted to make the ice cream itself. Instead I pay tribute to this giant of ice creams by recreating it in cupcakes, cakes and now my favourite… a tart.

This is a perfect beginner’s tart. I know as a beginner my biggest fear was rolling and tearing pastry. This tart takes the tricky, often stressful rolling out of the ‘mix’. Instead, it requires you to simply press the filling into the tin.

For the full recipe click here


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