Chorizo Sausage Rolls

      I’ve recently made a new friend who lives in the same “neighbourhood community” that we’re in now. Her daughter and Mister C are at the same daycare and have become fast friends. We met before we had officially moved, before our new addition joined us and before the real madness of life set in….

Spicy Beef Patties

      I was cleaning out my freezer and made the awesome discovery of a box of these frozen from a couple of months ago. Yay. Suffice it to say, these spicy, delicious morsels freeze really well. They’re a labour of love but amazingly worth it. Ingredients For the pastry 500g flour ½ cup…

Jamie’s Mexican Beef Chilli

Mr Firehouse’s choice of food is usually meat, spice and more meat. So chilli or more correctly chilli con carne, really fits the bill. When a couple of dear friends from Australia visited us last year, he decided he wanted to make them the quintessentially American “chilli”. He found a recipe in a blokey cookbook…

Sri Lankan Beef Curry

I was an incredibly fussy eater as a child. The list of foods I didn’t eat was a lot longer than those that I did. I was very anti tomato. I despised mushrooms and if there was anything in my rice; turmeric, vegetables or sultanas (ahhh) my poor parents would have to ask for plain.white.rice….

Moroccan Meatballs with Egg and Tomato

In my humble opinion, nobody does cooking shows quite like the British. Paula Deen, butter and all, has nothing on Nigella. The Pioneer Woman’s frontier is pretty amazing but doesn’t quite have the appeal of River Cottage or Hugh and his curly locks. And really, can anyone compare to Jamie Oliver (the correct answer is…