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I’ve started a FAQ section here to answer some of the wonderful questions I get from you guys. If you don’t see your question answered here, please feel free to contact me using the form below.

Do you have a recipe for….?

Maybe,  maybe not. The easiest way to check is to punch your search terms into the search field on the top right hand corner of the search page and see what you find. Just because it’s not there doesn’t mean it never will be, we’re a relatively new blog and are constantly adding to our collection. Make sure you’ve liked us on Facebook and subscribed to our mailing list to avoid missing any new posts.

Also, feel free to send me suggestions or things you’d like to see. I’m always up for new challenges

Who takes the pictures on your blog?

I take and edit all the pictures on the blog, unless stated otherwise. Hence, they belong to me and I’m pretty protective of them.

I really like you pictures, can I put them on my blog?

Sure, but just like they taught you in Kindy, please ask first. I respond to all requests personally and usually ask that you link/cite my blog somewhere in your post. I do ask that you use single images though, please don’t pull all the photos from a post.

I am a company/professional and I would like to work with you to develop recipes?

I’m always open to working with companies I support and whose mission I believe in, drop me a line and we can see if it can work.


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